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About InfraStrategies

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InfraStrategies LLC is a US-based consultancy focused on developing, funding, financing, and managing infrastructure programs. The firm provides strategic advisory and program management services to public and governmental agencies and private sector infrastructure and technology developers globally.


InfraStrategies was founded in 2018 by several of the nation’s most respected and experienced professionals in the transportation and infrastructure industry, combining a unique array of skills and expertise in key technical and infrastructure policy areas. InfraStrategies team members have served as financial directors and senior advisors at major international engineering and planning firms, held leadership positions at the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration, led several of the nation’s largest and most innovative transportation agencies, and managed several transformative programs and projects around the world. We bring a uniquely strategic perspective to our clients and projects by thinking beyond traditional infrastructure solutions. Our work is shaped by hands-on experience advancing some of the largest, most complex, and innovative infrastructure programs in the country and abroad.


Many organizations engaged in developing and operating critical infrastructure seek objective, credible, and non-conflicted advice and support in the development and delivery of their projects and services. InfraStrategies meets this need by providing exceptionally knowledgeable professionals who partner with our clients to deliver expertise in project development and delivery, infrastructure funding and finance, strategic planning and organizational development, and advanced and innovative technology applications.

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