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InfraStrategies' Team To Participate in Rail~Volution 2019 in Vancouver, BC. Join us as we Explore Challenges, Strategies, and Solutions.

InfraStrategies' Jeff Boothe, Tesse Rasmussen, P.E., and Amanda Vandegrift will join industry experts to share experiences and explore innovation, strategies, and solutions at the Rail~Volution 2019 Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada September 8th through 11th, 2019. Explore workshops by clicking on links below.

Amanda Lo-res.jpg

Jeff Boothe, Managing Principal at InfraStrategies is a member of the Rail~Volution Steering Committee and will bring his extensive experience in advocacy and financing of Streetcar development to the Community Streetcar Coalition (CSC) Meeting.

Jeff also organized a panel on Public-Private Partnerships, P3s: Views from Both Sides of the Border. 

Jeff Boothe has spent nearly forty years in the public transit industry combining this knowledge with his decades shaping federal laws, regulations and guidance that govern public transit. Say hello if you see this knowledge powerhouse at Rail~Volution!

Tesse Rasmussen, P.E., Principal Consultant at InfraStrategies is a member of the Rail~Volution Steering Committee and will moderate the workshop Transit Governance and Strategies for Increasing Ridership. Tesse also co-organized the workshops Women in Agency Leadership and Agency Leadership: Mastering the Jungle Gym


As a transportation planner and engineer with 20 years of experience in all stages of project development, Tesse bridges the gap between conceptual planning and detailed design, bringing her expertise in delivery development, financial planning, policy analysis, alternatives comparisons, and environmental regulations to the table. If you see this highly talented and dedicated professional at Rail~Volution, be sure to say hello.

Amanda Vandegrift, Senior Consultant at InfraStrategies will be attending sessions and joining dynamic discussions throughout Rail~Volution 2019. Amanda was chosen as one of Mass Transit Magazine's 2018 40 under 40,


Amanda is a rising star in the transportation industry. She specializes in financial planning, policy analysis, and strategic advisory services. Say hello if you see this dynamic young professional during Rail~Volution!

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