Jeffrey F. Boothe

Managing Principal

Jeff Boothe has spent nearly forty years in the public transit industry.  He combines deep knowledge of the public transit industry; decades shaping federal laws, regulations and guidance that govern public transit; counseling clients on federal compliance issues; substantial understanding of the federal government as a Congressional staffer advising former United States Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Mark O. Hatfield to advance the first light rail project in Portland, Oregon through the appropriations and federal approval process, as the leader of two major transit industry coalitions, and in the representation of many clients before the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Transit Administration; and, a proven record of providing strategic guidance to clients seeking to secure federal funding and finance for capital projects through the Capital Investment Grants (“CIG”) program. 

Boothe combines deep and long-standing knowledge of the FTA statute, rules, and guidance with extensive project experience. For the past forty years, Boothe has worked projects seeking to navigate the New Starts and now CIG processes for project approvals.  Further, Boothe has shaped the laws, regulations and guidance for project approvals having directly drafted the current definitions for Bus Rapid Transit Projects, the Program of Interrelated Projects and advocated for the elimination of the “baseline” alternative, the FTA Alternatives Analysis process and Final Design leading to the current stream-lined project approval process. As Chair of the Capital Investment Grants Working Group, he has had a greater impact on the current CIG project approval than any person not currently working at FTA or on Capitol Hill. Further, Boothe has extensive project level experience working directly for transit agencies with projects in the New Starts and now CIG process.

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