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Jacksonville Transportation Authority   

Mobility Optimization Through Vision and Excellence
(MOVE) 2027 Strategic Plan

InfraStrategies led the development of JTA's new five-year strategic plan, Mobility Optimized Through Vision & Excellence (MOVE) 2027. MOVE2027 outlines a roadmap for the initiatives, strategies, and tactics that are needed to make Northeast Florida accessible, equitable, and sustainable for all. MOVE2027 is a continuation of the groundwork laid by the MOVE Phase 1 Plan created in 2020 to guide JTA through the COVID-19 pandemic. It represents JTA’s outlook for the future of mobility for the First Coast. 


InfraStrategies facilitated visioning sessions with the JTA Board, the executive leadership team, and numerous regional stakeholders to set an ambitious agenda for the JTA over the next five years and keep the Authority at the forefront of a changing region and mobility landscape. The team also developed a comprehensive list of initiatives, strategies, and actions to support JTA's goals across core transit services, multimodal infrastructure, customer experience, regional connectivity, innovative and sustainable mobility, partnerships and economic development, and organizational excellence. InfraStrategies developed cost estimates and a phased implementation plan for the initiatives, which will be used as the basis for JTA’s budget planning processes beginning in fiscal year 2023. MOVE2027 was approved by the Board on June 21, 2022 and can be accessed here

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)  

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