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  • Amanda Vandegrift

California STA Awards 2023 TIRCP Funds: $11M to Link21, $60M to DTX

InfraStrategies is proud to be supporting key California transit agencies in the development of the funding strategies and supported the grant applications for two projects that were recently awarded funding through the State's innovative Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP), a program that funds transformative transit and rail capital improvements to significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, vehicle miles traveled, and congestion.

The Link21 program, which is envisioned in the California State Rail Plan and includes a new transbay passenger rail crossing between Oakland and San Francisco, has been awarded $11.3 million for design and environmental advancement of the program. And the Transbay Joint Powers Authority was awarded $60 million to further advance final design of the Downtown Rail Extension Project. Once constructed, this project will extend Caltrain service approximately two miles north to connect to the Salesforce Transit Center. These projects, along with several other rail improvements planned by partner agencies, will unlock potential for easier movement throughout the Megaregion whether traveling longer distances or shorter distances within the core Bay Area.

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