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  • Amanda Vandegrift

Joshua Schank Discusses Microtransit and Bus Network Restructuring

InfraStrategies Managing Principal Joshua Schank was quoted in a recent article by Climate Wire and Politico on the impacts of trading larger buses for smaller shared vehicles on underused routes.

An excerpt is provided below and Politico pro subscribers can access the full article here.

Some transit agencies, facing troubling declines in post-Covid ridership and massive budget deficits, are replacing bus routes with publicly funded ride-share programs using cars, similar to Uber and Lyft.

Last month alone, more than 15 regional transit authorities, including those in Syracuse, N.Y.; Denver; and Kalamazoo, Mich., announced plans to adopt or expand these public ride-share services as an alternative to bus routes with low ridership and long wait times. In December, 11 North Carolina municipalities received federal funding to build new on-demand transit networks as part of the Department of Transportation’s Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program.

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