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InfraStrategies' Tesse Rasmussen Co-organizer of Two Exciting Workshops at the 25th Rail~Volution Conference, 2019.

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Women in Agency Leadership

Monday, September 9, 2:00 PM-3:30 PM

Hyatt Regency Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Plaza C, 2nd Floor


About the Workshop

How are transit agencies evolving in this new age of mobility? Traditional methods can’t address AVs, first and last miles, mobility shares, succession planning, talent development and generational differences in technology, development and agency organization. Hear from a diverse set of leaders at bus-only, multimodal, paratransit and county agencies across North America with backgrounds in politics, aviation, public administration, finance, and planning. Different backgrounds and life experiences allow these leaders to draw on a variety of management styles to address common issues from fresh perspectives. What changes do they foresee? As the faces of agency management change, how are they changing leadership? All of these agency leaders have a passion for transit. (And they all just happen to be women.)


Agency Leadership: Mastering the Jungle Gym

Tuesday, September 10, 10:00 AM-11:30 AM

Hyatt Regency Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Plaza C, 2nd Floor


About the Workshop

The fastest way to the top isn’t always straight up. It can take some creative climbing to navigate these rapidly changing times. Nowadays traditional succession planning isn’t enough. Who are the GMs and CEOs of the future? What skills are needed to lead a transit agency in a time when transit agencies are focused on more than just operations? Are future leaders prepared to respond to political, social, technological and generational challenges? How can you prepare to take on those roles? What happens once you get there? Hear from transit agency leaders and an experienced headhunter, as they discuss how to navigate the “jungle gym” of career growth in this rapidly changing industry.

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