Funding, Grants and Advocacy – we work with clients to identify federal, state and local programs that can provide critical support to advance projects and prepare grant applications and help position projects to secure funding.  We lead national coalitions that work to promote policies and programs to support the development and operation of important transit projects and services.

Planning and Policy – we apply our expertise and experience in legislation, management, and strategic planning to help clients tackle the many challenges of developing programs, projects, and the organizations to deliver them. 

Alternative Delivery – we work with both public agencies and private developers to advance complex signature projects with innovative approaches. We assess the viability of public-private partnerships (P3’s), develop P3 structures and work to optimize project delivery through various procurement strategies.

Financial and Economic Analysis – we work with project sponsors to develop business cases, assess project feasibility, develop long-range financial plans and perform various studies and analyses to support project development and implementation. We support project 

development through value capture and revenue analyses.


Urban Rail and Bus Systems

Intercity and High Speed Rail 

Highways, Toll Roads and Managed Lanes

Intermodal Facilities and Transportation Terminals

Goods Movement and Freight Facilities

Aviation and Ports

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