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S. Tesse Rasmussen, PE

Managing Principal 


Tesse has spent over 20 years concentrating on improving transportation options in Los Angeles and around the United States. She focuses on the early stages of project development, laying the groundwork for a successful funding, delivery, and program development in order to meet the needs of the traveling public in a timely and fiscally sound manner. As a transportation planner and engineer with experience in all stages of project development, Tesse bridges the gap between conceptual planning and detailed design, bringing her expertise in delivery development, financial planning, policy analysis, alternatives comparisons, and environmental regulations. Beginning with her early involvement on several LA Metro transit projects, including the Gold Line, Tesse has excelled at delivering successful projects on time and under budget while coordinating multiple interested parties. Prior to joining InfraStrategies, as Vice President, Tesse led the Los Angeles Transit Section for a major consulting firm.

Tesse studied civil engineering at Bucknell University and Urban Planning at the University of Southern California. She is a proud member of the Leadership APTA class of 2016, and looks forward to continuing to bring transportation choices to our clients and our communities.

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